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Biometric Smart Xs, Est. Since 2007 with an independent intention to manufacture and assemble RFID/BIOMETRIC based devices for Time and Attendance terminals. Biometric Xs have developed so many related solutions like HR Management solution integrating with payroll system, ERP Solutions, CRM solutions, Video surveillance system, Hi- tech Office Management, Hospitals & healthcare Solutions, College & institution management, Solution for Defense organizations or Manufacturing Industries, Banks, Hospitals, Hotels & Life style industry, Warehouse management, GPRS & GSM based Vehicle tracking System in the process.


Biometric Smart Xs is also a distributor for some major Biometric & RFID Readers, CCTV Brands and imports and exports different related solutions.


Our process is nurtured in the safe hands of highly trained SIX-SIGMA Professionals. We follow CMM Level 3 in our practice.


The company provides solutions and services in two categories - Turnkey Project Management, which covers the entire project life cycle from design and scoping to onsite testing and implementation and Professional Services, which include strategic and operational technology, consultant support, facilities management and network and data centre management.


The philosophy that we thrive on ensures that the specific needs of our clients are fulfilled. Biometric Smart Xs has the best of international technology with local expertise and global exposure. The countrywide support network provides the entire backup at any point of time helping in maintenance, training and up gradation.


The Company believes in knowledge sharing and hence presents a chronicle of its services and accomplishments in our website: for present and prospective clients to see.


Our Vision